Start date
  • Will be announced asap
  • 6-8 weeks
  • € 1.795
  • The Hague Graduate School, location Poseidon
Program type
  • Master Module
Time investment
  • 16-18 hours a week
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Reasons for choosing this master module

The course Managing Media Relations covers the work of the press from two perspectives: the perspective of journalists and the perspective of press officers. The course starts with an overview of the theory and practice of journalism, the crisis in journalism and the main values that guide the work of journalists. We will discuss how news is made, what the main criteria are to decide what is news and what is not, and who are likely sources. In addition, attention will be given to the differences in reporting between genres and cultures. In the second half of the course, the focus changes to the perspective of press officers and how they try to influence press coverage. We will discuss the criteria for messages that are likely to be picked up by the press, negotiations between journalists and press officers, the practice of preparing and giving interviews and the drafting of a media relations plan.


The masterclass Managing Media Relations covers the following topics:

  • Media environment
  • News sources and news values
  • Media diversity
  • Crafting messages
  • Interviews
  • Media relations plan

Blended Learning

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Your investment

In time:

  • Self-study per week: 11-13 hours
  • Study load per week: 16-18 hours
  • Period of total study: 2 months

In money:

  • Payment in one go: € 1.795
  • Books: € 75
  • Total investment: € 1.870

Nice to know:

  • Dutch students are exempt from VAT (btw).
  • Parts of the programme costs can be deductible. For more information, please check:

Admission requirements

These are the requirements for this programme:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Final transcript
  • English level test score (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent)
  • 2 years relevant professional work experience
  • Mandatory intake interview
  • Motivation Statement
  • Recommendation letter
  • Resumé / Curriculum Vitae

English language requirements

As our international programmes are taught entirely in English, candidates must demonstrate a good command of the English language, both spoken and written. You can view the English language requirements in this document.

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Upon completion

Managing Media Relations is a short programme taught on a masters level, and is part of the Master of International Communication Management. After the last session you are required to hand in an assignment and upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate. This certificate gives you an exemption from this class should you chose to commence with the Master of International Communication Management. At the end of the class, you can continue with more masterclasses from either the MICM, or our other offered master programmes.

The certificate is valid for 5 years. After following a maximum of 4 Masterclasses, you choose if you want to follow the full master programme.


If you have any further questions about admission requirements, enrolment or content of the program, please check the frequently asked questions or contact us: 

Telephone: + 31 (0)70 445 8900
(Mon.-Fri. from 8:30 am to 5 pm)