Tuition fees

Tuition fees

Studying at The Hague Graduate School is an investment in your future. This amount of the investment may vary for each programme. You can spread your investment over 3 instalments on a large number of programmes. It’s a little more profitable for you to pay the full amount at once.

If your studies last for 2 years, you can spread your investment over 6 instalments. If the total investment is less than € 3,000, the option to spread your payment in instalments is not available.

Government-funded or non-funded

The Netherlands has government-funded and non-funded Master’s programmes. The government determines the statutory tuition fees for government-funded Master’s programmes every year. If the Master’s programme is non-funded, the tuition fees are set by the institution. The Hague Graduate School mainly offers non-funded Master’s programmes. We are currently developing several government-funded Master’s programmes, and also various Master’s programmes that lead on directly from Bachelor’s programmes.

Useful information


  • Dutch students are exempt from VAT (btw).
  • Your employer can fully offset training costs against gross results and label them as operating expenses.


  • If you are following a Master’s programme, you may be able to use a Lifelong Learning Credit. You can find more information about this by clicking the link above.
  • There are also various scholarships available for students who are interested in following a Master’s programme. You can find more information about this by clicking the link above.


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