Tailormade training

Customised and in-company programmes

Your organisation has specific training needs and you would like to contact us directly regarding these needs. We are here to help. What makes The Hague Graduate School so unique is our sharing of specific knowledge in a highly diverse range of specialisations. Our custom and in-company solutions entail anything but standardised programmes. We would be happy to discuss your needs and preferences and the extent to which we are able to meet them.

Flexible and creative

Our approach is characterised by flexibility and creativity. Below is a recent example of one of our custom solutions.

Participants around the globe

A large organisation with branches in various countries contacted The Hague Graduate School to inquire whether and how we could help them to expand and, above all, deepen the knowledge of the controllers within their organisation. The business locations of the controllers were spread around the world. For this organisation, we developed a blended customised course based on our post-graduate Controller programme. This meant that the controllers only needed to actually come to The Hague Graduate School a few times over the course of the entire programme and could complete most of the course online.

Tailored to your organisation

The Hague Graduate School can offer your organisation a programme adapted to your specific needs. The example on this page involves controllers, but we can also put together a management programme or a talent development programme for young professionals, for example, or even a complete Master programme for your employees who have been appointed to a new position. In other words, the programme is fully tailored to the challenges the employees of your organisation will undertake.

Education and research

The customised course is based on existing post-graduate and Master programmes - not to mention the research of contemporary themes conducted by the Centres of Expertise at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Research results, up-to-date education and a strong link to professional practice are the three elements that make a custom programme at The Hague Graduate School highly suitable for your organisation.

Organising training courses

The Hague Graduate School is part of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This means that we share the same DNA when it comes to the education offered. This clearly reflects our international focus. We often organise training courses for international organisations and we regularly receive groups from abroad: great examples of international in-company programmes. Want to brainstorm about a custom programme for your organisation? Please contact us. We would be happy to discuss all the possibilities.

The diversity of students at both The Hague University of Applied Sciences and The Hague Graduate School is great. The same applies to our educational expertise. This makes The Hague University of Applied Sciences and The Hague Graduate School the perfect partner for professional training. We not only offer a wide diversity of individual programmes, but also customised and in-company programmes.


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